Roof paint and sealant application in Alice Springs

Saving your roof from deterioration is easy with our roof spraying service at NHM Painting & Decorating. We'll repaint the roof the colour of your choice and add a protective sealant to prevent water leaks—saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. Living in Alice Springs, your roof needs to be in top condition to protect you and your family from Northern Territory's daily heat waves. Spraying your roof tiles can prevent minor cracks from getting worse.

So how do you know when to get your roof sprayed? There are number of telling signs you can look out for that indicate you need to invest in roof spraying.

Discolouration occurs naturally over time, but don't confuse discoloured roof tiles with water spots. The accumulation of water can encourage bacteria—supporting insects, bugs and vermin. Stop structural damage in its tracks with our roof spraying service. If the paint is peeling or looking worse for wear, this can leave your roof vulnerable to excess moisture, sun, heat, wind and rain. A roof spray will add a much-needed protective coating, to help your roof withstand the harshest weather conditions that only the Alice can throw at it! Our roof paint and sealant application service is second to none and can save you thousands in roof repairs. Contact us today to arrange a free quote.